Student Services


Admission Services

Interested applicants inquiring about the College programs are channeled to the Administrative Office for guidance on the procedure of admission, evaluation of previous education completed (if applicable), and other financial concerns. The transcripts are reviewed by the Director and credit is granted or advice on required prerequisite courses needed is given.

Student Guidance

All courses in the Vocational Nurse Training program at American College of Nursing are “lock step” and the sequence of courses is predetermined. Most academic counseling is in relation to deficiencies identified by the student or by the course instructor. The instruct and/or director meet with the student who is not achieving academically and advises the student, according to policy, on the need for remediation or to repeat a course. Students who have excessive absences from classroom or clinical experiences are cautioned when repeated effort to assist the student to make up experiences does not end the repeated absences. All academic counseling sessions are recorded and become part of the student’s academic record at the American College of Nursing.

Student Records

Student records are kept at American College of Nursing, located at 1855 Gateway Blvd, Concord, California, 94520 – Suite 180 Tower II. The records are organized according to class, with each class contained in separate filing drawers. They are arranged in alphabetical order according to the students’ names. These documents are kept in filing cabinets in the administrative office. Student records are maintained for at least five years after the date of the student’s graduation, withdrawal, or termination, whether or not the student completed the educational program.