Mission Statement


American College of Nursing aims to provide education and training to multi-level nursing practice, from nurse assistant training to entry level nursing education and culminating to advanced nursing education. ACN also aspires to assist in the professional development of individual students to meet the increasing demand in healthcare needs of the culturally diverse community, the community of Contra Costa County, and of the greater San Francisco Bay Area.


ACN seeks to be the leader in nursing education and training by continuous enhancement of the curriculum to meet the increasing demand in healthcare needs nationwide, with areas of focus in Contra Costa County and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. It is structured to provide the educational services to the global community through a robust infrastructure and the latest in technology.

ACN aims to be a dynamic educational institution offering up-to-date Programs in the Healthcare Industry and On-line courses for a broader reach. ACN also seeks to become nationally and regionally accredited by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be able to render more financial assistance to their students.

By 2012, ACN should have a strong presence in three (3) other counties within Northern California, Southern California and Nevada.