*This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. {regulation 8 C.F.R 214.3(j)}*

M-1 Student Visa

American College of Nursing admits students from other countries through the Student and Exchange Visitor Program.  To legally enter the United states as a non-immigrant visitor, most foreign students must obtain a visa from the Bureau of Consular Affairs at the US Department of State (DOS).  The DOS issues different types of visas according to the purpose of the person’s visit.

The visa most commonly held by international students at American College of Nursing is the M-1 (student) visa.  An M-1 visa holder is an individual who is temporarily in the United States to study full time at a vocational or technical institute.  M-1 non-immigrants are admitted for the length of the program plus a grace period, but no longer than one year.

The M-1 (student) visa is obtained on the basis of Form I-20 A-B issued by the College to the international student.  Issuance of an I-20 by the College confirms that the student has been admitted to the College and has met all requirements for I-20 issuance..

Admission Requirements for International Students (Vocational Nursing Program)

Upon applying for admission into the Vocational Nursing training program of American College of Nursing, the international student must submit the preliminary documents to the school for review. After the review, an admission interview is required either in person or through the telephone.  When accepted, the school issues an Initial Form I-20 and a Letter of Acceptance to the prospective student.  Therese documents are:

*  A complete Application for Admission Form

*  A Personal Statement

*  A certified evaluation of all foreign transcript(s) and diploma(sent directly to the school by the evaluating agency) along with translated official school transcripts.  Educational equivalency level should be at least 12th grade US high School.

*  A certified evaluation of Anatomy & Physiology, a preparatory course (also sent directly to the school by the evaluating agency, if completed within the last 5 years upon application) along with translated official school transcripts.  Contact hours should be at least 56 hours or 3 unites equivalents.

*  Letters of recommendation (at least 2), example: from an educator/employer

*  Health Records re: current physical examination report, and required immunizations such as, PPD or recent chest X-ray, MMR, Varicella, and Hepatitis B.

*  Official TOEFL score (61%) report sent directly to the school by testing agency.

*  A completed Official Certification of Finances form with accompanying documents, such as an original bank verification letter and/or scholarship letter.

*  A non-refundable application fee of $100

*  A valid passport size photograph of the applicant and dependent(s), if any.

*  A copy of the Passport ID page of applicant and dependent (if any)

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