Continuing Education Courses

The American College of Nursing offers several Continuing Education (CE) courses for CNA, RNs, LVNs, LPTs. Please call to find out about our next class enrollment.


IV Therapy/Blood Withdrawal Certification

This 36 hour course in intravenous and blood withdrawal is designed to teach RNs and LVNs basic techniques in intravenous therapy and blood withdrawal. Successful completion of this course will provide 27 hours of theory and 9 hours of clinical experience, including at least 3 individually supervised successful venipunctures and 3 individually supervised skin punctures by each student on live subjects.

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CPR/AED Training

The American College of Nursing offers of American Heart Association CPR/AED Training.

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**All CE courses have a minimum requirement of 15 students to take place. American College of Nursing reserves the right to cancel or waive the minimum requirement for the class at anytime.**

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