The administration, faculty and staff at the American College of Nursing adhere to the following beliefs:

Health is a dynamic process of biological, psychological, behavioral, social, cultural, and spiritual well being, and reflects each person’s ability to interact with a constantly changing environment. The nurse and the person collaborate as partners to design, implement, manage, and evaluate interventions for the promotion of well being, the prevention of illness, and the achievement of optimal functioning.

The Art of Nursing involves intuition, creativity, caring, application of nursing interventions and communication skills. These competencies are integrated with knowledge from the natural and behavioral sciences through the processes of critical thinking and systemic investigation. Together, the art and science of nursing provide direction for the profession in meeting the service mission within health care systems and a diverse society.

Nursing is a profession that is both an art and a science which requires a holistic approach. The education process therefore must encompass both art and science components. In a dynamic society, education for nursing professionals must include not only development of competence, but also of sociable and responsible citizens in a multi-cultural environment. The theoretical and vocational framework must reflect humanistic nursing and instill in students a sense of service to community and society in general.

The environment consists of biological, psychological, behavioral, social, cultural, and spiritual factors. Nurses, in providing health promotion, disease prevention, and illness care in hospitals, long term care facilities, and community based settings, become a part of the person’s environment, necessitating both artful collaboration and scientific knowledge in achieving positive outcomes within a caring environment.